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February 2016

The most common items left behind in a taxi

It happens to everyone, whether we want to admit it or not, we can all be forgetful. Here at Insure Taxi Fleet we want to remind you of some of the most common items which can be left in a taxi, so hopefully you can keep an eye out in the future!

Lighted taxi sign on a Black London cab


Most people in this world have probably experienced the situation of losing their keys at some point or another, whether it is in a taxi or not. It can be the worst thing in the world, especially if you don’t have a spare set. According to taxi drivers, Keys are the most common item which they have found in their taxis over their taxi driving days. It can happen so easily because they are so small and weigh next to nothing. Meaning that it’s more than easy for them to fall out of pockets or handbags.


Women are known for having a handbag on them the majority of the time, it can hold various different items in that keep their life together. Whether it is makeup, their mobile phone, their purse, anything. These are the items that they need the most. But how is it that these prized possessions are left behind so easily? It could be that they are in a rush to get somewhere and forget, they put it in the foot well and do not see it when they leave, it happens. When taxi drivers were asked which items they had found the most in their taxis, over half of them agreed that handbags were the most common.

Mobile phones

Seeing as mobile phones have become an extra limb to most humans in today’s society it is still surprising that we still seem to leave these behind. Taxi drivers have admitted that the most common time that they have found mobile phones is after the night shift on a weekend. This may suggest that once people have become livelier and sociable they realise they do not need their phone as much as they think!

Remember to always keep an eye out for these popular items, whether you are a passenger or a taxi driver! To find out more about our policies and what we cover, call 0800 142 2833 and speak to a member of our friendly team for more information.


February 2015

There seems to be no grading on prices, an e class is the same as an s class for fleets. How is this made up?”




It’s no secret that s-class vehicles are notoriously larger, more expensive and have greater horsepower than e-class vehicles. However, you may be surprised to find out that this will not necessarily be reflected in the cost of your chauffeur fleet insurance.

Nowadays, insurers accept that there will be high valued vehicles within a fleet and this is deemed to be the norm so it is not a prominent rating factor when it comes to calculating your premium. If anything, there is an argument to say that a higher valued vehicle could improve the risk for the insurer, taking into account improved vehicle performance and security.

The main part of the risk for insurers is the number of passengers being carried, work being undertaken and the amount of time that the vehicle is on the road.

Generally, chauffeur and contract hire risks are deemed to carry far less exposure than the standard taxi risk and this is normally reflected in the premiums.  So, a fleet of s-class wedding cars spending minimal time on the road for example, may even find themselves with a cheaper premium than an e-class fleet making multiple airport runs through busy city centres.

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November 2014

Which vehicles can be used as Taxis?

There are many different vehicles that are used by taxi drivers. Insure Taxi Fleet have decided to review a few models of what we believe are the best vehicles out there for taxi drivers.

Toyota Avensis Saloon (manufactured in 2011)


  • Space and practicality
  • Looks good
  • Comfortable
  • Very secure
  • Has a good re-sale value
  • Comes with lots of equipmente.g built in satnav


As this car is now 3 years old, the price will depend on many factors such as, the amount of miles on the clock, how many months are left on the MOT and what type of condition the car is in. However we believe that you should be looking to pay around £7,000 for this vehicle.

Mercedes E220 (manufactured in 2011)


  • The car is very spacious
  • Fuel efficient
  • Comfortable
  • Good re-sale value
  • Has good performance


This car when new was worth around £35,000. As this car is now 3 years old its value is now around £20,000 however once again the cars value depends on certain aspect such as how many months MOT are left, what type of condition the car is in and the amount of miles it has on the clock.


Skoda Octavia (Manufactured in 2013)


  • This car is very spacious
  • Fuel efficiency
  • It is very reliable
  • Spacious
  • It is cheaper than the VW Golf


When this car was brand new it cost around £17,000 and the price of this vehicle hasn’t dropped that much since then. With the car being only 1 year the car shouldn’t have done that many miles and should be in fairly good condition.

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October 2014

Most common causes of road accidents


In Great Britain we have one of the best road safety records anywhere in the world. Over the last few decades the number of cars on the road has increased enormously, despite this the number of deaths on our roads has fallen from around 5,500 in the mid 80s to less than 1,800 in 2012. This is a great improvement however this still works out that around 5 people die on Britain’s roads every day.


The main reasons for these deaths are listed below:


Around 400 people every year are killed where someone is exceeding the speed limit or is driving too fast for the conditions they are driving in.

Drink Driving

It is reported that around 280 people die every year in crashes in which someone was over the drink drive limit.

Seat Belt Wearing

It is believed that around 300 lives each year could be saved if both drivers and their passengers wore seat belts.

Careless Driving
Around 300 deaths a year involve someone being “careless, reckless or in a hurry”, and a further 125 involve “aggressive driving”.

Around 1/3 of fatal and serious road crashes involve someone who was at work.

Over 400 people are killed in crashes involving young car drivers aged between 17 to 24 years, every year, including over 150 young drivers, 90 passengers and more than 170 other road users.

Failed to Look Properly
40% of road crashes involve someone who failed to see someone or something around them which then resulted in a crash

Loss of Control
One third of fatal crashes involved ‘loss of control’ of a vehicle.

Failed to Judge Other Person’s Path/Speed
One in five crashes involve a road user failing to judge another person’s path or speed.


October 2014

Taxi news from around the World

New Jersey cabbie strangled

A taxi driver from New Jersey was robbed after a passenger wrapped a telephone cable round his neck. It is reported that passenger tried to pay for the fair with about $100 but the taxi driver suspected it was a fake note.

Once the driver refused to take the note the passenger choked the driver with the cable and ordered him to hand over his money. The passenger ran from the cab with about $124

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August 2014

Uber cuts prices in fare war with New York City taxis

uber logo

Mobile car hire service Uber has temporarily cut the price of its cheapest service, UberX, by 20% to bring its rates in line with New York City’s yellow taxis.

This move comes as no surprise to many as similar price drops have taken place across many cities in America including San Francisco and Boston. Many analysts believe this has been done to undercut competitors like Lyft and Hailo as well as trying to attract new customers. Uber drivers are paid around 80% of the fare they receive and will be forced to accept lower payments as a result.

In a blog post announcing the fare changes, Uber said: “What we’ve seen in cities across the country is that lower fares mean greater demand, lower pickup times and more trips per hour — increasing earning potential and creating better economics for drivers.” Uber have received many complaints over recent months by taxi drivers and there were also wide spread protests across many European cities by angry taxi drivers. These protests took place in June. insureTAXI Fleet offer competitive prices for taxi fleet insurance.

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July 2014

Mexico take taxi to World Cup

Mexico team getting into a taxi

Mexico team getting into a taxi

During the World Cup in Brazil many fans will have used taxis to get around Brazil. However, you may be surprised to hear that the Mexico national team had to use several taxis to get to one of their training sessions after their coach had broken down outside the team hotel in the Brazilian city of Santos.

This did not seem to bother the players, as their captain Rafael Marquez said on twitter “Our bus has shrunk hahahahaha”. He also posted a selfie with three other players in the taxi as they made their way to training.

Mexico had a good World Cup as in the group stage they amassed 7 points after wins against Croatia and Cameroon and a draw against Brazil. However, they were eventually knocked out in the last 16 against the Netherlands.

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June 2014

Uber App Taxi Row Referred to London’s High Court

Transport for London (TFL) has announced that it does not believe Uber is breaking the law by using an app that determines how much taxi drivers charge for fares. However, TFL added it would invite the High Court to give a binding ruling on the matter “given the level of concern among the trade”.

The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association (LTDA) claim the app is a taxi meter which PHVs are not allowed to use. The LTDA held a demonstration in London on 11thJune thousands of taxi drivers were seen protesting in the taxis against Uber.

Taxi drivers on strike in London

Taxi drivers on strike in London

Many taxi drivers that were interviewed during the protest felt Transport for London (TFL) was not doing enough to help them over this matter. We at insureTAXIFLEET hope this matter gets resolved quickly.

There is alot of controversy surrounding the app that has been provided to Uber’s drivers which is a separate one used by Public Hire vehicles.

The app calculates the journeys distance and time taken and then relays this information to remote computer servers to determine the fee. TFL’s decision is based on the fact that the kit that Uber use does not require a physical connection between the device and the vehicle which is the case with the equipment used in Black Cabs.

Uber is a company that was formed in March 2009 and has grown immensely since then but not always without controversy and protest. On two separate occasions in 2014 taxi drivers across Europe have protested against Uber as sometaxi drivers believe this app is putting them out of business and encouraging unlicensed taxis to trade and under cut their prices which them to operate with no checks on their legitimacy.

In the past week,Uber have launched a new black cab booking feature called UberTaxi in a bid to appease drivers.

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May 2014

35 Taxis in a war against unlicensed vehicles

The boss of East Yorkshire’s largest private hire firm is winning its fight against unlicensed taxi drivers. He has done this by covering his vehicles with prominent branding. A director of 35 Taxis believes that the public were mistaking his fleet of PHVs for unlicensed cabs. Mr Wilkinson has been given special permission by the council licensing committee to cover 12 of his 400 vehicles in special branding to improve customer safety.

It costs about £1,000 per car which Mr Wilkinson acknowledges isn’t cheap however he states that it is worth the expense and is prepared if allowed by the council to put this branding on all of his 400 vehicles. He believes that there are not as many unlicensed vehicles as there were 2 years ago but still believes that it is a major problem.

Mr Wilkinson has seen when driving at night, members of the public repeatedly getting into cars thinking that they are taxis this which can be very dangerous for the passenger. Some of 35 Taxis drivers have had their fares taken by these vehicles and have in the past followed the vehicles and taken down the registration and passed it onto the police and the council.

Manager of 35 Taxis

Manager of 35 Taxis

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April 2014

Cabbie left with £5,000 bill


 A taxi driver in Middlesbrough faces a hefty £5,000 bill after a drunken man danced on his car for over 5 minutes in the early hours of a Sunday morning. The drunken man did this shortly after jumping in front of the taxi and nearly being hit by it. The man caused damages to various parts of the taxi including dents on the roof and the radiator was damaged. The bill of £5,000 was a massive shock to the taxi driver who had expected it to be in the region of just £1,000.

There was however photographic evidence available and the police were able to track down the culprit. However he got away with just a police caution much to the disgust of the taxi driver who now has to pay £5,000. He stated that if it was he who had stood on a police vehicle and danced around he would of more than just a caution.


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